Portal Update – Version 3.42 Now Live

On Thursday March 25, 2016 we released a new version of the portal 3.42.

Here are some of the items you’ll see updated in the latest version.

New Payees Default to Active – When on the transaction screen, and adding a payee, they will default to an active payee on your list and show in the initial dropdown.  There was a previous bug that was causing those to go in-active and caused some confusion.

Mobile Expense Entries – There was a problem with the numeric keypad so we switched to the full keyboard to allow for full amounts to be entered.

Mobile Expense Entry Close Window – There was a bug with the expense entry window being difficult to close using iOS devices.  That has been fixed.

Transaction Fields Required – When entering a transaction, the Date, Account, Amount and Payee fields are now required to complete.

Admin Updates – There were several admin updates completed as well to allow our team to work more efficiently to serve your church.


If there are ever any items that you notice might not be working correctly or you have a suggestion for an improvement, please let us know and we can add that to our development list.


Account Manager – Virtual Church Bookkeeper

Our Church Bookkeeping Specialists (Account Managers) are the life-blood of our organization.  Each Account Manager has direct contact and partnership with a number of our church partners.  As an Account Manager, you are a vital part of every interaction the church has with our company.  You are responsible for handling and reviewing the transactions they submit as well as being a resource to help pastors and lay leaders navigate the waters of managing the small business side of a church.

As a Church Bookkeeping Specialist, you will:
– Interact with your assigned churches to manage their Accounts to include ongoing transactions and monthly reconciliation
– Manage the church’s Chart of Accounts and assist with line item designations
– Ensure an on-going communication with the church
– Training and assistance in using our Proprietary Online Church Bookkeeping Portal for Transactions Submissions

Daily Tasks –

  • Process requested transactions using our Simplify Church Bookkeeping Software Online Portal
  • Process recurring transactions as setup by our church partners
  • Respond and maintain communication with your assigned church partners

Monthly Tasks –

  • Reconcile the church’s bank accounts according to their bank statements
  • Prepare and deliver Monthly Reports
  • Assist in questions regarding reports and understanding of the church’s financial position

Required Skills and Knowledge:

  • Understanding of Accounting Principles, Specifically for Non-Profits and Churches is encouraged
  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting, Business or related field or Relevant Work Experience
  • Ability to communicate and explain complex terms in a simple way
  • Proficiency in Quickbooks Desktop versions (required)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel (required)
  • Proficiency in online tools, resources and communications
  • Ability to manage multiple lines of communication and open projects
  • Team player mentality
  • Flexiblity

As a Church Bookkeeping Specialist, you are an employee with our company.  We don’t offer contracted work as we prefer to maintain a quality service to our customers.  We welcome you to our team and would love to show you how we take pride in being an active partner in the ministries of the churches we serve.

If this interests you, please send your resume and cover letter to careers@simplifychurch.com and we’ll be in touch about the next steps!

Bug with Payee Select

UPDATE FIXED – 03-09-16 – We found the issue and it is caused by payees being inactive.  To fix what payees will show on the drop down to select a transaction, go to Payees  and make that payee active by selecting YES in the drop down.  Sorry for the inconvenience but this will resolve that issue.


UPDATE – 03-03-16 – This bug seems to only be affecting several individual churches and organizations, but not all.  Our development team is continuing to look into it.

We are aware of a bug in the transaction request tools to select a payee from your existing list.  We are working on getting a fix updated and will notify once complete.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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