Optimize Your Budget for Growth [Webinar Replay]

church financial management

Take a few minutes and watch the video below to see a replay of our webinar, Optimize Your Church Budget for Growth.

In this 35 minute presentation we discuss what you need to know as a pastor or church leader to optimize your church’s budget for ministry growth.

After you’ve had a chance to watch the replay, head on over to SimplifyChurch.com/church-budget-training/ to get immedate access to our Church Budget Builder Course.

In the course we’ll walk you step by step through everything you’ll need to build a budget for your church that will help grow your ministry.

Your budget is just a tool or a plan to help you best steward the resources God has entrusted to your church.  Make sure you’re doing the best job you can with the resources by planning effectively and this course will help you do just that.

Is Your Church Financially Healthy?

We’ll Show You HOW To Find Out And     WHY It Matters In This Free Guide!

It’s time to change the way we talk about giving in church!