Tomorrow Is Today

I have to make a confession, I am a Lazy Procrastinator. You need only look at the timing and consistency of this blog to see proof. Like many people, I’ve learned that there are never enough hours in a day and there is a consistent struggle between work, home, family, etc.

One thing I realized recently was the fact that Tomorrow becomes Today real quick. Looking back a consistent message to myself was “I’ll do that tomorrow.” What took me this long to see was that tomorrow was here before I knew it, and tomorrow has tasks of its own.

So what now?

I have now set a rule for myself to filter the statement “I’ll do that tomorrow.” If I say that, I have to schedule it right then for a time the next day. What I found by scheduling the tasks was a reality of what it would actually take to complete. Often, by planning it on paper (typed into my calendar) I was able to get an objective look at the task and realize that it wasn’t as big as I thought and getting it done now would not take that long. It was amazing what I was able to get done once I used my calendar as a filter to objectively plan out the task to complete.

What steps, processes or thoughts to you use to manage your time?