pastor appreciation gifts as taxable income

Are Pastor Appreciation Gifts Taxable by the IRS?

We all know that pastors don’t serve in their position for the money. (well most anyways, but I won’t touch that debate today) Most pastors serve long, stressful hours in an often thankless job. Much of their work happens behind the scenes and away from the public eye and by its very nature often goes […]


Does That Person You Paid Actually Qualify For a 1099?

A current hot debate in the church world is when a person qualifies for a 1099-MISC for monies they were paid.  The big question is when does a person qualify for a 1099? OK, I’ll admit, it’s kind of a nerdy topic, but you’ll be thankful you took a few minutes to read what’s next. […]


Can a Church Have Net Income?

One question we are commonly asked this time of year is whether or not a church can have net income at the end of the year. The quick answer is yes. A church can end the year with more income than expenses. Now to the specifics. As a nonprofit, there are certain rules to meet […]

Are Church Staff Christmas Gifts Taxable?

As we head towards the end of the year it’s time to start thinking about the Holidays and fun times had by all. This is the time of year that we spend with family and friends and often includes staff parties and those fun times to celebrate and thank your staff for a productive year. […]

Reasons to Thank First Time Givers

Let’s just face it; talking about giving is often the elephant in the room for churches. Yet, we all know what the Bible says about giving. It needs to be encouraged as an act of worship and given that importance and priority in our church. But really, what are some practical ways we can encourage […]

Tips to Start Your Next Year Budget Planning

Well it’s June. Summer schedules are getting into full swing, a time for vacations, barbecues and VBS. As we mentioned last week in the article Preparing for the summer cash flow lull, now is the time to plan and budget for what often are lower income months for churches. This is also the perfect time […]

Gifts For Your Church Staff

With the holiday season approaching, we’re all getting into the giving spirit. This is definitely my favorite time of the year. What a great time to consider showing your staff members just how much you appreciate their work and dedication. But what about those gifts and what are the tax implications of gifts to employees. […]

Top Reasons to Accept Online Giving

LifeWay research revealed earlier this year that only 14% of U.S. Protestant churches offer online giving. That means that although 78% of churches have a Website, an even higher number–86%–of churches offer no method for online giving. It’s most commonly offered in larger churches, and usually has only been in place for one to two […]

Budget for Contingencies

After working with several churches recently I found an interesting trend that I wanted to share. As we were preparing budgets for the upcoming year, we found that most of the churches initial draft contained most of the line items from the previous year with an adjustment for the upcoming year. While this is exactly […]

There’s Freedom in Trust

I recently had a conversation with my business partner. We were discussing the business and what the next steps might be for us as things progress. In the discussion, he mentioned to me that I needed to be careful that I guard myself so that when I attend my church, I am a worshiper and […]