How Can We Help You Simplify Church?

Resources to help you lead your church

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Simplify Church Podcast




Join us as we unpack financial best practices,
leadership tips and practical strategies to
help pastors simplify church.

Church Growth Tips


Learn practical church finance, administration and
growth tips to help you and your church thrive.

Encourage Giving


Talking about giving shouldn’t be awkward.
Learn how to begin building a culture of generosity that transforms the way people think about resources.

Increase Effectiveness


Without vision, the people perish. Learn how to become a more effective, vision-centered church and get your entire team moving in the same direction. 

Church Budget Blueprint


Learn to create & optimize a vision-centered church budget that simplifies decision-making, builds trust in giving, and funds the growth-engines of your church.

Pastor Support Network

           Online Community

Oasis by Simplify Church is a FREE online community for pastors. Here you’ll find prayer, support, feedback and honest conversations about life, ministry and everything in between. 

5 Minute Finances:
Bookkeeping Basics for Busy Pastors

Video Series

In these three videos, we’ll walk you through establishing an easy-to-implement system for managing your church finances
(even if math isn’t your thing).


Build A Solid Foundation


Too many churches make the same financial mistakes!
Learn the secret to avoiding these financial traps
and how to set your church up for success.

Not Sure What You Need? Let's Chat.

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of managing your church finances so you can focus on leading your church.
Get the systems you need to confidently organize your church finances, make informed decisions and grow a thriving church. 

It’s time to change the way we talk about giving in church!

Find clear direction, cast vision and grow a healthy church

The Simple Way to Execute a Visionary Planning Process in Your Church

Are you setting your church up for Long-Term Financial Health?

Too many churches make the same financial mistakes! Don’t be one of them.

do you know your numbers?

We’ll show you WHY it matters and
HOW to do it in this free guide!

Simplify Church

Get greater clarity and grow your confidence in your ability to steward the financial resources of your church.