Simplify Church Bookkeeping

The full-service church bookkeeping system for small and growing churches

Simplify Church Bookkeeping

Save Time

Eliminate Overwhelm

Simplify Church

Managing Church Finances Can Feel Overwhelming

Confusion over what should qualify as a business expense

Hoping your tax filings are submitted correctly and that you’re complying with the latest IRS guidelines

Lack of confidence in how money is budgeted and spent

Anxiety over the financial health of your church

Lack of continuity in who is managing the church’s books

Wondering how to manage building expenses AND fund the mission of the church

Spending way too much time trying to balance spreadsheets

Trying to determine how much financial errors are costing your church

Ignoring the ever-growing pile of receipts sitting on your desk

But It Doesn't Have To

What if you no longer had to worry about:

Monthly Bank Reconciliations

You spend it & deposit it; we’ll track it

Accounts Payable

We can write and send checks for you


We handle everything from paying staff
to submitting tax filings and payments

Monthly Reporting

We provide clear, easy-to-follow monthly financial reports so you stay informed about the financial health of your church

Getting Started Is Simple

Schedule A Free Demo

We’ll discuss the unique needs of your church and show you how you can save valuable time and resources.

Start a Partnership

Say goodbye to feeling stressed and hello to a new church partnership and to peace of mind.

Lead Your Church

Shift your focus back to doing what you were called to do. Spend your time with people, not spreadsheets.

Say Hello to Stress-Free Church Bookkeeping

All The Tools You Need

 Simplify Church is more than just a piece of a software or a virtual bookkeeper – it’s a full-service solution designed to meet the bookkeeping needs of churches, and at an affordable price. Our proprietary systems give you all the integrated financial tools you need to manage your church effectively, including bookkeeping, payroll, online giving and more! 

Simplify Church Bookkeeping
Church Bookkeeping Services

Simple & Easy to Use

Simplicity is key! The last thing you want is a system that is built for an accountant to understand. With the Simplify Portal, managing funds and tracking deposits is simple and convenient. What’s more, the Simplify Portal is cloud-based and can be accessed from a computer, tablet or phone. So whether you’re in the office or at home, the information you need is only a few clicks away. 


Personalized Support
For Your Church

Starting a church plant? Revitalizing an established church? Ready to grow? Focused specifically on outreach? Every Simplify Church partner, regardless of church size, is assigned a Simplify Account Management Team. Your team is there not only to manage your finances, but also to support the specific needs of your church and help you reach your goals.

Budget on faith, spend on reason

"Thanks Simplify Church.
I'm feeling like a human again."

Ensure Accuracy

Expertise & Advice 

Protect Your Church

The Done-For-You Church Bookkeeping Solution

Ministry Focus

Founded by a pastor, we exist to serve churches and their unique bookkeeping needs. We designed our proprietary bookkeeping system and processes specifically with churches in mind. 

Financial Expertise

More than a bookkeeper. Your Simplify Account Manager is someone on our payroll, not someone we contracted with virtually. What’s more, you get the support of a dedicated account management team that wants to see your church thrive.

Cloud-Based & Secure

Rest assured that your data is safe and secure. The proprietary Simplify System is accessible from wherever you are, stored in the United States AND is 100% secure.

One-Stop Shop

All the financial management solutions you need in one convenient location. Manage
your bookkeeping, 
online giving, contribution management and more. 


Church Budgeting

Without a plan, you won’t know where you’re going or how to get there. We’ll help you optimize your spending to prioritize funding the things that matter most.

Accounts Payable & Fund Accounting

 The proprietary Simplify Bookkeeping Portal easily tracks designated funds and makes paying bills simple and convenient. 

Bank Reconciliations

Your dedicated Account Manager will handle all monthly bank reconciliations, ensuring accuracy and providing you peace of mind.

Financial Statements & Reporting

Get better insights into the health of your church. We provide all the reports you need to make well-informed ministry decisions.

There are enough barriers to growing your church. Don't let church finances be one of them.

Is Your Church Financially Healthy?

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It’s time to change the way we talk about giving in church!