Portal Update – Version 3.41 Now Live!

We’re happy to announce we released some updates to the portal last night.  Version 3.41 is now live.  Here are some items that were updated in the latest release.

Transaction Search Fix – There was a bug preventing users from selecting transaction items to search.

Payees Memo and Account # Fields Added – New fields to capture and store account numbers and any special notes about payees that we may need to know about.

Contributors Can Now Be Added Through “Record A Deposit” – As we move to a completely online option for tracking contributions, that information can now be provided to us through the portal.  The form is functional but will have some improvements in the next updates.  NOTE: Right now, you’ll need to add the contributors first before you can add their details in the deposit form.

New Budget Line Types – We now have Income lines added for your budget.

Budget Line Nesting – We can now select children of children lines within the budget section.  This means you can have Ministries >> Youth >> Youth Snacks where previously there was only 1 parent line and 1 child line allowed.

Calendar Updates Fixed – There was a bug with certain version of Safari that didn’t allow the calendar feed to be a pull down option.

News Feed – We now have a dedicated news feed for portal info as you’re reading this.  We will make more notes and updates through this in days and weeks to come.
Thanks so much as always for the opportunity to partner with your ministry.  If there is anything you see that we could do better or ways that we can further help simplify your ministry, please let us know.


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