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We are Simplify Church. Built by pastors, our mission is to help you simplify, organize and manage your church finances.

We believe that when pastors have the right systems and tools in place, they spend less time worrying about the time-consuming financial details of operating a church, and more time making an impact and changing lives

We’re here to partner with you in ministry and take the burden of managing church finances off your shoulders, so you can focus on growing a healthy church!

Everything We Do Is Designed To...

Simplify Your Life & Ministry

We understand the challenges that come with doing ministry because we’ve been there.

Simplify Church was started by former pastor Josh Henry. 

Josh saw a need to implement scalable systems that could keep up with ministry growth. While there was plenty of information about how to grow a church, there were few systems and resources designed to support that growth.

Josh saw fellow pastors becoming stressed by the amount of time they spent outside of their spiritual gifting, on the day-to-day details of running a church

And so in 2006, Josh launched Simplify Church with a mission to simplify church operations so pastors and churches can thrive. 

Save You Time & Money

Churches thrive when leaders thrive.
Leaders thrive in their gifting.

Nine out of ten churches in America have an average worship attendance of less than 350. For most pastors, being a pastor involves wearing many hats.

Often church finances are what trip pastors up the most. Trying to manage spreadsheets, file payroll taxes, balance bank statements and generate P&L statements can be overwhelming. 

After all, you were called to be a pastor, not a bookkeeper.

Outsourcing the financial requirements of operating a church gives you valuable time to focus on what you were called to do.

Plus, many churches find that having a dedicated church bookkeeping partner helps the church better save and spend resources, saving the church money.

Help You Grow A Healthy Church

Our sweet spot is helping small-to-medium size churches with church finances.

We’re here to help you grow. You shouldn’t have to be a large church (or have the budget of a large church) to get the tools, dedicated support, and advice to make smart financial decisions for the health and future growth of your church.

When you partner with Simplify Church, you get an entire team of church bookkeeping experts dedicated to helping your church thrive.

We get church AND business.

We’re here to take the burden of managing church finances off your shoulders, so that you can grow a healthy, thriving church.

How Can We Help You Simplify?

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Simplify Church Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We’ll help you manage your church finances so
you can focus on growing your church.

Simplify Payroll Icon

Payroll Management

We’ll pay your employees and handle all 
payroll-related taxes. 

Church Management (ChMS)

Finally, church management software without 
a learning curve! Stay connected with the
people in your community.

Simplify Give Icon

Online Giving &
Contribution Management

Make online giving for your church
simple and easy to do.


Church Budget Blueprint

Digital Course

Learn to build and optimize a vision-centered church budget that will simplify decision-making, build a culture of trust, fund the growth-engines of your church and ultimately simplify church growth.

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