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Metrics to make informed decisions

You've ever wondered if there Is a better way to build a church budget

you worry that you're not managing church finances "the right way"

You feel overwhelmed by the number of ministry opportunities and discouraged by the fact that you cant do more

You dread putting together the annual church budget

You want a system that can help you accomplish the vision God has given your church

You want to grow a healthy church

Are You Ready To Rethink How Your Church Is Planning For The Future?


How To Build a Vision-centered budget
for your church


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After serving in ministry for several years in a supportive role as a youth pastor, I stepped into the lead pastor role and soon discovered that I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to a whole church budgetI searched and searched the internet for information about how to create a budget and be wise about making decisions. To be honest, there are only a few resources out there that give good points.

Simplify Church has created a platform where pastors can learn how to think through a budget, especially when they have a budget that they inherited. This platform does an exceptional job of explaining common myths and how to approach spending and budgeting. This is a great resource to create your first budget or revamp an existing one!

Luke, Pastor

How It Works

1. Join

Get instant access to all training materials, so you can start taking steps TODAY towards financial health and ministry growth!

2. Learn

The Six-Step Simplify Process will help you identify what you need to change and how to optimize your church finances for the future.

3. Grow

Follow your blueprint to a financially healthy church that sees more lives changed and more people reached for Christ!

Your Church Budget Should Be A Blueprint For Financial Health And Ministry Effectiveness

INSIDE Church Budget BluePrint


Proper Budget Structure

What a healthy church budget looks like and how to know if you are stewarding your church finances well

Mission/Vision Alignment

How to practically align your church finances with the mission and vision of the church

Budget Projections

How to make projections, handle declines in revenue and adjust your budget accordingly

Ministry Impact

How to identify your ministry “growth engines” and focus your budget for greater impact

Financial Planning

How to properly plan for facility upkeep and operational costs

Financial Pitfalls

How designated funds could be hindering your growth (and what to do about them)

Annual Goal Setting

How to evaluate your budget to help you reach your goals faster


How to lead your team through the budgeting process


How to talk about your budget in a way that creates buy-in and gets people excited about the future of your church

Financial Management 101

Which financial numbers you should be tracking each month and how to use them to make better financial decisions

Hey! I'm Josh.

We understand the challenges of church budgeting

In 2006, I launched Simplify Church with the goal of providing pastors and church leaders with financial solutions to simplify church growth.

Our sweet spot is helping small-to-medium size churches with their financial needs. Through our done-for-you church bookkeeping and payroll services, we’ve walked with hundreds of churches through the challenges that come with growing and getting financially healthy. We’ve seen too many churches struggle to grow because they didn’t have solid financial data to help them make better decisions.

We believe that when churches have the right systems and tools, they can spend less time worrying about finances, and more time making an impact and changing lives.

Church budget blueprint will help...

build your financial BLuePrint and
See More lives changed and
more people reached for christ

SIMPLIFY decisions

Establish a framework that simplifies ministry decisions and helps prepare for the unpredictable

Execute the vision

Create an annual budget that authentically reflects the mission and vision of your church

involve the team

More effectively involve staff and ministry leaders in the budgeting process (while avoiding hurt feelings and creating “buy-in”)

make projections

More accurately project future income and plan for predictable giving slumps

plan for growth

Ensure that your church has a realistic, track-able plan for growth (and a system for evaluating your progress)

foster transparency

Be more transparent about where and how your church spends money (and be able to confidently defend those spending decisions)

WHO IS Church Budget Blueprint FoR?

Pastors & Church Planters

You want to lead your church to make wise financial decisions, but finances aren’t your zone of genius.

Finance Committee Chairs

You understand business finances, but aren’t sure about the unique challenges that come with church budgeting.

Church Staff & Elders

You want to help your church grow, but you’re not 100% confident that your church budget will help you get there.

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CHurch Budgeting

Is your church budget really that important??? Yep! Let us show you how to make your budget work for your church and create ministry growth!

Church Budget Blueprint Is FOR YOU IF...

You Don't Have a Budget

You know you need a budget for your church, but you’re not sure where to start

You Have a Budget

Your church has a budget, but you’re not confident that it is providing direction for your church

YOU Want to Grow

You want to be able to plan for future ministry growth (and have the financial resources you need to grow)

YOu Want Predictability

You feel like your church experiences times of “feast” or “famine” and you want to more-predictably prepare for the unexpected

YOU Need a Framework

You want a framework for determining which expenditures fuel ministry growth and which simply drain your resources 

You have a facility

You worry that you aren’t budgeting appropriately for facility improvements and upgrades

You want to be a good steward

You want to be more transparent about where and how your church spends money (and you want to be able to confidently defend those spending decisions)

five financial metrics every pastor needs to know

Church Budget Blueprint

Your step-by-step guide to crafting a
vision-centered budget that simplifies decision making and funds the growth engines of your church. 

Gain complete confidence that you are being a good steward of the resources
entrusted to your church!


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