Does Staring at Church Financial Reports Ever Leave You Feeling Confused, Overwhelmed or Ill-Equipped To Lead?


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Helping You And Your Church Thrive


Focus On
What Matters

Grow A Healthy Church

You Want To Grow A Healthy Church

  • You often struggle to balance the demands of ministry
  • You’re not confident you’re managing things the right way
  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or confused about church finances
  • You want to focus on people,  not analyze spreadsheets
  • Crunching numbers is not your area of expertise
  • You know you’re wasting valuable time and energy trying to figure it all out

"Good Enough" Is Not The Goal

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to kick confusion, stress and overwhelm about church finances to the curb. Get the financial support, expertise and accountability you need to grow a
healthy church!

"We came from another church bookkeeping company and I was overwhelmed with the amount of work I was still having to do previously. With SimplifyChurch, everything is so much easier and user-friendly. It's cutting down on the amount of time I have to spend and helping us get a better understanding of our finances"

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Simplify Church Bookkeeping

Church Bookkeeping & Accounting

We’ll help you manage your church finances so
you can focus on growing your church.

Simplify Payroll Icon

Church Payroll Management

We’ll pay your employees and handle all 
payroll-related taxes. 

Church Management (ChMS)

Finally, church management software without 
a learning curve! Stay connected with the
people in your community.

Simplify Give Icon

Online Giving &
Contribution Management

Make online giving for your church
simple and easy to do.

Getting Started Is Simple

Schedule A Call

We’ll discuss the unique needs of your church and pinpoint exactly where you need help. 

Take Action

Say goodbye to the stress and overwhelm of managing church finances and hello to peace of mind. 

Get Results

Get back to connecting with people and growing a healthy church. Reach more people for Christ.

The amount of stress that I don't have as a church planter is all because of their amazing support. 

Small Churches Can Have Big Impact

Simplify Church Bookkeeping

Designed With Your Church in Mind

Stop wasting valuable time researching church financial best practices, losing sleep over how much money is in the bank, or just hoping that your church isn’t making a financial mistake. You need a foolproof system to manage your church finances and give you the insights you need to lead your church well. 

Done-For-You Financial
Support & Accountability

You are most effective when you spend your time focused on people and growing your church, not crunching numbers. Our team of church accounting experts provides the accountability, expertise and advice you need so you can focus on what truly matters. 

Metrics to make informed decisions

Metrics to Make Informed Decisions

Each month you’ll receive data-driven insights and the metrics you need to make better decisions and grow your church. Spend less time trying to figure out the way ahead and more time taking action. 

Are You Ready To Simplify?

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As a church planter, I have found their expertise, insight and help indispensable.
If you are a church planter - hire Simplify. You will not be disappointed.

Freedom to Focus On What Matters

Ministry Matters

Focus on people, not payroll

Your Family Matters

Have more time for them

Your Calling Matters

You were called to change lives,
not manage spreadsheets

Clarity Matters

Make more informed decisions 

Accountability Matters

Because “good enough” is not the goal

Accuracy Matters

Protect your church from potentially costly financial mistakes

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Seven financial principles to set your church up for long-term success! 

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Helping Pastors & Churches Thrive

We understand the unique challenges of managing church finances because we’ve been there. Founded by a pastor, Simplify Church’s sweet spot is helping small-to-medium-size churches with their financial needs

Since 2006 we’ve walked with hundreds of churches through the challenges that come with growing a healthy church. Our mission is to help churches manage their finances so that pastors and churches can thrive. We believe that when churches have the right tools in place, they spend less time worrying about church finances, and more time making an impact and changing lives.

If you are a pastor or church leader, we’re here to take the burden of managing church finances off your shoulders. We want to partner with you and give you the confidence and peace of mind that your church finances are being handled correctly. 

Here’s how it works:
1. You schedule a call with us. We’ll discuss the unique needs of your church and pinpoint exactly where you need help.

2. You say goodbye to the weight of managing church finances and hello to peace of mind.

3. You get more time to focus on ministry and growing your church.

Schedule your call today, so you can stop trying to do it all, and start doing what really matters. 

We get church AND business. Our experts are here to guide you so you and your church can thrive. 

“Choosing Simplify Church is one of the best decisions our church has made. Excellent service by knowledgable, friendly people who understand churches and their unique financial needs.”

Neal, Pastor, 

First Presbyterian El Paso

“I was impressed with their heart for the Church and the way that Simplify Church helps local ministers focus more on ministry and less on the business of the church.”

Keith, Treasurer,
Living Way Church

“We’ve benefited greatly from the team at Simplify Church. Our account managers are a real encouragement and zealous for the things of the Lord. You don’t get that with every accountant out there!” 

Thabiti, Pastor
Anacostia River Church

It's Time to Simplify

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