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Join the Growing Number of Churches Finding Out How Simplifying Their Accounting Grows Their Ministry!

We’re helping churches all over the country implement a bookkeeping system and accounting system that takes the pain, time and guess work out of the process.

Have you ever wondered if there were an easier way to keep the books for your church?

Ever had to wait until your bookkeeper got home from work to get a report?

Are you confident that your payroll is being handles correctly?

These are just a small portion of the questions we help churches answer about their accounting and bookkeeping.  Our system is simple, we match your church with one of our Church Bookkeeping Specialists and we implement our system to work for you.  We’ve developed on online Portal where you login and submit information to us.  Our team handles it from there.

– Pay Your Bills, cut, record and mail the check!
– Records payments you made automatically online or by Debit or Credit Card.
– Record your Deposits including Contribution Information
– Process your payroll, including the necessary forms and payments submitted.
– Provide scheduled and On-Demand Reports

We know our solution is the simplest and best way for your church to handle your finances.  You send to us and our team takes care of the rest.

Take advantage of our free month and we’ll show you how simple the accounting process can be.


NOTE: Free offer does require a non-refundable setup fee.


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