What Simplify Church Can Do For You

Simplify Church was built with your church in mind. If you’re looking for smarter ways to grow your church, better steward your resources and have a greater impact, our system can help.

Church Accounting and Bookkeeping

At the core, we’re here to help you better steward the resources provided to your church. A big element of stewardship is good fiscal management.

We partner with your church to provide:

Data Capture of Transactions through our Simplify Church Bookkeeping Portal
Accounts Payable through our church bill pay system
Donor Managment and Contributions reports made simple
Monthly bank reconciliations and reporting

We’re Here to Provide

Easy to Use, Reliable Church Bookkeeping System

Timely, Accurate & Easy to Understand Reports

Trusted Ministry Partner and Sounding Board

Peace of Mind Knowing, We Got This!

You’re Life Is About To Get Easier

Church Bookkeeping Made Simple

If you’re like most pastors, the finances of the church is one of those areas that make you cringe and break out into cold sweats. You didn’t get into ministry to manage finances, so let us partner with you and take this burden off your plate.

Our unique Church Bookkeeping System partners with your church and we can handle anything that passes through your church’s bank account so you don’t have to stay up late worrying about it.

We Track Transactions Accurately and Effectively

Rest Assured Knowing It’s Done Right

With our unique system, our team manages every transaction that passes through you bank so you can rest assured every penny is tracked correctly.

We show you how to effectively setup a budget and reflects the mission and vision of your church and track your spending according to the ministry budget plan you’ve laid out for the church.

Reporting & Metrics

Tired of guessing or not knowing where your church stands financially?Get the numbers you need to lead the church.

Our Simplify Church Bookkeeping Software Portal runs the numbers for you and provides a dashboard of your church’s financial statistics.

Giving Trends for the Past Year
Attendance Trends
Average Gift Size, Average Attendance and Child Attendance
First Time Guests, Baptisms and Salvations
Giving per Unit and Per Capita Giving

All Provided in real time for you to track.


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