Making Church Bookkeeping & Accounting Simple.
A unique system to equip your church with a simple and easy system to manage everything that passes through your church's bank account.
Discover How Simplify Church Bookkeeping Can Help YOU! 
See how Simplify Church Bookkeeping and our unique system can help your church better manage your accounting and bookkeeping.  

During your hands on demo we'll... 
  • Show you how simple managing your finances can be
  • Explore the features that make sense for YOUR Ministry
  • Show examples and share how we've helped numerous ministries all over the country
  • Answer any questions you have
  • And  MUCH more...
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q  We already have a bookkeeper, why do we need you?
We know that volunteers are vital to ministry.  Our system works with your team to provide a Financial Security Blanket.
In many cases, we find your bookkeeper is relieved that they can stay involved, but know that not everything is their responsibility. 
Q  Do we lose control of our books?
Absolutely, not, in fact, we find most churches that are using our system have expressed that they feel more in control, feel less stressed and spend less time managing their church bookkeeping and accounting.
Q  How much does Simplify Church Bookkeeping Cost?
We base our pricing off your annual expected budget.  Depending on that number, we have services starting at $99/month.  

(Our pricing is ALL-Inclusive!  No add'l subscription or per transaction fees!)
Q  How long is the demo?
We know your time is valuable so we'll keep the demo to about 27 minutes.  However, we can take as much time as you need to demonstrate the simplicity of our system and what it will do to free you up to focus more on MINISTRY. 
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