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Are You Wasting Money On Your Church Management System?

Convenient. Easy to Use. Practical.

If you’re like most small and growing churches, you don’t need a full-service system with tons of bells and whistles that you’ll never actually use.

You don’t want a costly system that will gather proverbial dust. 

You need a system that:

Is simple to navigate

Includes features that you’ll actually use

Is easy to install


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A Simple Solution For Your Growing Church

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Facilitate Secure Child Check-In

Keep your children’s ministry safe and secure. 

When families trust that their children are
in good hands, they are more likely to visit, attend and recommend your church to others. 

Know Your People

Make sure no one falls through the cracks. 

From members to guests, it’s easy to keep
all ministry information up-to-date and accessible. 

In addition, Simplify Community is uniquely designed for flexible family situations. We make managing multi-generational family relationships simple. 

Grow Through Groups

Simplify Community includes everything you need to track and manage groups. 

From discipleship groups to Sunday school classes and everything in between, this system makes managing group life simple. 

Engage Your Community

Simplify Community is built to support church growth. 

We make contacting your community simple to do. Email an individual or a group with just a click of a button. 

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Getting Started Is Simple


Set Up Your Account


Connect Your Congregation


Grow Your Church

Move to Simplify Community

Our team is ready to help you navigate the process of moving your church database to Simplify Community.

It’s fast, easy and we’ll help you
navigate any bumps along the way. 

Simplify Life & Ministry

A church management system can greatly simplify life and ministry. But only when you use it. 

We believe that when churches have the right tools, they spend less time worrying about the management of church, and more time making an impact and changing lives. The key is having the right tools in place.

If a tool isn’t easy to use, the platform really isn’t useful. 

That’s WHY we developed Simplify Community – a church management solution that is simple and easy to navigate. A system you’ll actually use. A system that makes keeping track of your congregation simple and easy to do. 

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