Church Budget Plan

iStock_000000444451XSmallYour church budget is a crucial aspect to managing your church.  The old adage definitely applies here,

“We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan”

Now to not be too cliche, most of us are not going to completely fail because we don’t have a budget in place.  However, in order to keep the ministry operating as efficiently as possible, a budget is a great tool to keep things on track.

The Problem with Church Budgeting

The biggest hurdle most church pastors face when it comes to budgeting is purely a lack of knowledge on how to do it.  It can seem daunting and trying to figure out where everything should go can be a struggle.  It’s also difficult with newer churches that have not established any consistent trends and such.

That is why we’ve developed a Church Budgeting System that will be released this month. The system will help to walk you through each step of the budgeting process from analyzing and forecasting income, to determining expense categories and line items.  We’ll also cover the parts in between that easily get church pastor’s “in the weeds.”

The Church Budgeting System

The Church Budgeting System will help guide you through the steps of creating your yearly budget in a simple, systematic manner that keeps things on track with plenty of time to have it complete to start fresh in the new year.

With the system, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand and Convey to your team the importance of your budget to the Church’s mission
  • Develop your broad categories to begin the building process
  • Get feedback and input from your team on their expected yearly expenses
  • Plan a schedule to get the budget from planning to approval
  • Put in place benchmarks to analyze throughout the year

This system will be available to you in a digital download format and we’ll also provide reminders and input throughout the process to help you as you develop the guide. We’ve made this available to our existing Church Bookkeeping Clients before as we consulted with them, but never in a turn key package like this.

As a special offer, we’ll be providing a pre-launch pricing special. Until July 15, we’ll drop the price in 1/2 for getting on board early. The system will retail for $197 but as our special for being the first to check it out, we’ll give it to you for only $97.

To be the first in line to get the system, use the form below and we’ll be sure to send you a link to sign up and be the first to receive the system.

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