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Church Bookkeeping Software,
Designed To Make Ministry Simple

Manage Your Church’s Bookkeeping Without a Learning Curve

The SimplifyChurch Bookkeeping Portal Software is designed to let you keep the books with your church, without having to know anything about Church Bookkeeping or Accounting.

The SimplifyChurch Bookkeeping Portal Software can manage:

  • Bill Pay and Check Requests
  • Record Checks and Debit/Credit Card Expenses
  • Manage Your Budget and Chart of Accounts
  • Quick Reports for Budget Line Spending
  • Manage Donations and Prepare Donor Statements

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SimplifyChurch Portal + Simplify Church Account Manager =

Relax, We Got This! 

“The Simplify Church Bookkeeping Portal makes keeping our church’s books so simple. I can’t believe we spent so many years trying to do things ourselves.”

Jared Stephens, Crossroads Church

Check Requests & Expense Recording

If you’ve spent any time using or researching Church Bookkeeping Software you probably know there are plenty of options available, but most fall short of helping your ministry.

The Simplify Church Bookkeeping Portal is Designed
To Make Your Ministry Better!

Designed to be used by anybody regardless of their accounting or bookkeeping background and knowledge, the Simplify Church Bookkeeping Portal can:

  • Easily manage check requests and bills to be paid
  • Record check written by the church in house
  • Record and keep track of Credit/Debit card or online purchase expenses
  • Track payments by budget line item for easy budget spending analysis



Contributions and Donor Management

Manage and track giving, record donations and prepare your donor statements in a simple and easy to use Church Bookkeeping Software System.

The Simplify Church Bookkeeping Software can manage your donors and contributions with a simple and easy to use user experience.

The software can manage:

  • Donor information
  • Track weekly physical donations
  • Track online donations with any giving platform
  • Reporting to track monthly giving trends
  • Prepare donor statements in a few clicks

Mobile Responsive

The Simplify Church Bookkeeping Portal is Mobile Responsive so you can use the system, regardless of where your location.

Whether you use a desktop, tablet or phone, our Church Bookkeeping Software system will work allowing you the freedom to work from wherever you are.

Find out easy managing your church bookkeeping can be with our system!


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