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About Simplify Church Bookkeeping


We are Simplify Church, a ministry built by pastors for pastors to help you manage and organize the finances of your church.

As pastors, we all know the grind that comes with doing the work of ministry, let alone having to manage a Small Business while you’re at it.

Our team of Church Bookkeeping Specialists are here to partner with your ministry. Our Full Service Church Bookkeeping System is designed to make the process simple and easy to you so you have more time to focus on the things you were called to do.

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Our team of Church Bookkeeping Specialists is here to partner with your ministry. We get ministry and know what it takes to handle the daily grind of being a pastor. Find out how simple managing your church bookkeeping can be when you partner with Simplify Church.

Our Story

Simplify Church was started in 2007 by Josh Henry after serving as a pastor in a large growing church. Like most people that come into ministry from the business world, Josh experienced what he terms the “Monday Morning Church”.

As fellow pastors, you may be able to relate with the MMC, it’s that side of church that your average attender has no idea exists. These are the people that follow up when you tell them you’re a pastor with a question like “What do you do the rest of the week then?” 🙂

Josh saw a need in growing churches to implement scale-able systems that can keep up with the ministry growth. While there is plenty of information out there about how to grow your church to the next level, there aren’t many people focused on following up that growth and making sure your systems match.

As a result, SimplifyChurch was born.

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What We Simplify

Simplify :: Church Bookkeeping

A simplified solution to keeping track of your churches finances.
Simplify Church Bookkeeping

Simplify :: Church & Pastor’s Payroll

A simple solution to pay your employees and handle all payroll related taxes.
Simplify Church Payroll

Simplify :: Church Contributions

A new, simple solution to allow your church to give safely and securely online! Simplify Church Contributions

Simplify :: Church Web Sites

Your website is the front door to your ministry. Let us help you make it beautiful! Simplify Church Websites

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