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For Pastors

For Church Leaders

For Church Bookkeepers

Ministry is Complicated, We Can Help!

Let’s be honest… ministry is complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why we’ve created a simple solution. Simplify Church is an incredible new way to streamline your church so you can focus on what matters – ministry.

Our tools are strategically designed to manage everything from finances, to payroll, giving to web design and all of your communication needs. Our team of experts gets church AND business. We’re here to provide that expertise to your church.

Check out this video to experience the difference Simplify Church can make for you!

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We Simplify Church Finance So You Can Focus On Ministry

Why It Matters

Your Family Matters

Have more time for them

Your Ministry Matters

Give your focus to it.

Accountability Matters

Protect yourself and your church with financial professionals, not just volunteers.

Accuracy Matters

When making decisions, you’ll have all the information you need.

Your Calling Matters

You went to school to become a pastor, not an accountant.



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Simplify :: Church Bookkeeping

A simplified solution to keeping track of your churches finances.
Simplify Church Bookkeeping

Simplify :: Church & Pastor’s Payroll

A simple solution to pay your employees and handle all payroll related taxes.
Simplify Church Payroll

Simplify :: Church Online Giving

A new, simple solution to accept giving electronically. Make Church Online Giving to your church simple and easy. SimplifyGive

Simplify :: Church Web Sites

Your website is the front door to your ministry. Let us help you make it beautiful! Simplify Church Websites

What People Are Saying

We continue to have an excellent experience with Simplify Church and I recommend them to others whenever I have the chance. We’ve benefited greatly from the team there. Our Account Managers have been a real encouragement, spiritually minded, and zealous for the things of the Lord. You don’t get that with every accountant out there!

Thabiti Anyabwile

Anacostia River Church

Choosing Simplify Church Is The Best Decision I Made Since Planting The Church.

Lead Pastor

Go Church

I was more than impressed with their heart for the Church and for the way that his company can assist local ministers to focus more on ministry and less on the business of the church.


Living Way Church

SimplifyChurch has done a great job working with our church planters and churches. They continue to give our churches personal service and customized solutions to meet their needs.

Charles Campbell
Dir. of Church Planting, Southern IL Region

Illinois State Baptist Association

They have a heart to serve the church in an area where a lot of pastors struggle. If you’re a pastor and need help organizing your finances, Josh and the SimplifyChurch team are a great resource.

SimplifyChurch is truly customer oriented, balancing perfectly the needs of the customer and delivering experienced results. As a church planter, I have found Josh’s expertise, insight, and help indispensable. Josh guides our thoughts and procedures – making us think outside the box and consider other points of view. I wholeheartedly support them and recommend that if you are a church planter – hire Simplify. You will not be disappointed.

Lead Pastor

SoulMark Church

Simplify Church Rocks!


Uptown Baptist Church

Is Your Church Financially Healthy?

We’ll Show You HOW To Find Out And     WHY It Matters In This Free Guide!

It’s time to change the way we talk about giving in church!