Coronavirus – CARES Act and Leading Your Church

Leading The Church Through COVID-19

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The CARES Act and the Impact It Can Have On Your Church.

Join us as founder Josh Henry shares information about the CARES Act and what it will mean for your church.

Find out more about the Payroll Protection Loan and how to apply for the funds for your church. We’ll also discuss how crucial it will be to take quick action before the funds run out.

How to Apply For The Payroll Protection Loan For Your Church

The actual process and supporting documents may vary by lender but here is a general overview of what they may request in order to verify the amount(s) requested.

This list is subject to change based on the requirements of your lender so please use this only for general guidance.

1. Know Your Numbers – find reports from your 2019 payroll totals and calculate your monthly average. Add in Health Insurance Premiums, Retirement Account Payments and Rent or Mortgage Interest Amounts if you’d like to request for those amounts.

2. Call Your Local Bank – the funds will be administered through local banks that are approved by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Your local bank if they are participating will have their own process for the loan.

3. Fill out the Payroll Protection Program Application – Here is the link to the Payroll Protection Program Loan Application. Start here to have to provide to your local bank along with supporting documents.

4. Begin to compile your supporting documents for loan amount request verification. Some documents may include:

  • Payroll Reports for previous 12 month period
  • Quarterly 941 Reports as filed
  • 1099’s from previous year Independent Contractors Paid (if included in request)
  • Invoice from Health Insurance Premium payments
  • Invoice or voucher for Retirement Plan Payments
  • Invoice from Rent Payments or Mortgage Statement(s)

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