Church Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting for churches is often one of the last things on the priority list.  As pastors we understand the importance of sound Biblical stewardship and the common sense application of tracking where money is spent.  But all to often churches will opt for a solution for church bookkeeping that doesn’t match its importance.

Often, churches will choose to have a volunteer keep the books for the church.  What they don’t realize is the enormous weight of responsibility they are putting on that person to keep the churches accounting in order.

There are also times where this church bookkeeping system is not considered with growth in mind.  A person may be available that has the skills, knowledge and integrity to do the work, but is that a system that is easily duplicated if the person chooses to leave or wants to move out of that role?

One place in church that a person can hijack a church is the finances.  I have written here about instances where churches were held hostage by the financial secretary or treasurer.

Church bookkeeping and accounting is too important to not use a professional, turn-key solution.

The Simplify Church Accounting package is a full-service Church Bookkeeping, Accounting and Payroll solution.  We partner with your church to keep track of your income and expenses professionally and accurately.  We partner one of our Church Bookkeeping Specialists with your church and they will do the work for you.  We can process and manage everything that processes through your church’s bank account.

Your Church Bookkeeping Specialist will reconcile your church’s bank statement every month and provide back to you a concise, understandable financial report so you and your leadership team will have the timely, relevant financial information to make sound ministry decisions.

Don’t rely on volunteers or unqualified individuals to manage the bookkeeping and accounting for your church.  Our system is being used by churches all over the United States and pastors are continually telling us how our system frees them up to focus on ministry.

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