Simplify Your Church

A Dedicated Church Bookkeeping Specialist

Church Accounting is often misunderstood. With Simplify, you get a professional to do the work for you

The Power of a Team

Combining years of experience with churches our team brings a wealth of knowledge. Whether is advice and tips on best practices to help on a spcific situation, we’re here for your church.

A Hybrid of Technology and People

Our tools are setup to make your life easier. We bring a balance of technology supported by people to help keep your churches finances in order.

A Proven System

With churches across the United States using our Simplify Bookkeeping System, you can know you’re using a system that is trusted and proven.

A Ministry Partner

Designed and Built by pastors for pastors, your ministry is taken into account with every decision we make. Our goal is make your life simpler and free you up to be a pastor.  Basically, we simplify your church.

Take Control of Your Finances

Get timely, updated, accurate reports so you can make sound ministry decisions. We provide as much detail as you need so you can analyze how your spending and stewarding the resources of your church.

Simplify Your Church Today

Is Your Church Financially Healthy?

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It’s time to change the way we talk about giving in church!