Say Goodbye to the Stress of Managing Church Finances

Church Accounting Service Done For You!


Monthly Reconcilliations

Monthly Reporting

Contributions Managed

Donor Statements

Online Giving

Complete Payroll

With our unique church bookkeeping service we’re able to take the guesswork, hassle and stress out of managing your church’s accounting and finances. Our system handles everything that passes through your bank account from paying and tracking your bills to managing your contributions and donor statements.

Before you pass and think it’s not for you, take a minute to get a quote from us and find out how we can manage your finances freeing you up to better focus on ministry.

Our system works even if you have an existing bookkeeper in place.

Let’s Get In Touch

As an Illinois State Baptist Association Church we’d be honored to partner and serve your ministry. Please take a minute and send us your contact details and we’ll be glad to setup a time to chat and show you how SimplifyChurch.com can help you Say Goodbye to Church Finance Stress.