Check Processor

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Simplify Church is a national outsourced church bookkeeping and accounting specialist. We provide a virtual solution for churches to manage their finances through a simplified bookkeeping system.

We are looking for a Check Processor with the responsibilities as follows:

  • Process and Print Check requests from our Account Managers
  • Ensure accuracy of requested check against Church Bookkeeping Portal
  • Prepare printed check for mail and deposit to US Postal box.
  • Generate check log and record information accordingly


Minimum Qualifications
College Experience or Degree Preferred
Experience in Church Office Environment
Proficiency in Office Software and Technology (MS Office, Quickbooks, Internet Systems)
Strong technical proficiency using a computer and related tools
Ability to work independently with little supervision and good time management
Attention to Detail with exceptional level of accuracy
Strong organization, oral and written communication skills

Position Type

Part time – 3-5 hours Daily

Interested candidates should email a resume and cover letter to:

Disclaimer: The information presented in our blog is intended to provide general information for your church.  Because your situation may be fact dependent, please reach out to us or a local church expert for guidance on any specific situation that may pertain to your ministry.

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